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a Satellite of PFLAG Los Angeles


a Satellite of PFLAG Los Angeles

a Satellite of PFLAG Los Angeles







All of us have heard a lot of myths about homosexuality and gender identity. Some of the following misstatements are things you may have heard or believed: "all gays are promiscuous," "gays 'recruit' younger people and make them gay," "gay men have weak fathers and strong mothers," "lesbians hate men," "gay parents damage their children," "gays choose their sexual orientation," "gays can become straight." Research shows all these statements to be false.


We absorb these myths almost without knowing it, from television and movies, from conversations with friends, from sound bites on the news, from political debates, and from our churches, synagogues and mosques.


As we begin to deal with sexual orientation (our own or that of a family member or friend), it is important to get reliable, fact-based information. That is why education is such an important part of PFLAG’s work. You will find a list of resources on this page that can help you sort out the facts about sexual orientation and gender identity from the myths and scare tactics. Our newsletters, available on the About PFLAG page, also provide current information about LGBTQ issues.


Schools, businesses and other organizations may need help in providing safe and welcoming places for LGBTQ persons to learn, work, visit, and socialize. At no cost the PFLAG Los Angeles Speakers Bureau offers panels of speakers, including straight parents of gay children, gay, lesbian, and transgender members who share insights from their own experiences.



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