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Knowledge promotes understanding. While there is much more to learn about homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender issues than we can cover here, we have provided a few resources that give essential facts about sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are a LGBTQ person preparing to come out, print out one or two of the pamphlets and have them available for your family and friends. If someone you care about has recently come out to you, this information may answer some of the questions you have.





For Parents, Families and Friends of LGBT People

Is someone you love LGBTQ? Your support is important! Here are plain answers to questions that family and friends often have.

 (English)  (Español)




For LGBT or Questioning Youth

Whether you know you're LGBTQ or are questioning your sexuality, you're not alone. Get answers here to questions you may have and find additional resources you can contact.

(English)  (Español)




For Transgender People and Their Families

If you're a transgender person or have a transgender loved one, knowledge is power. This brochure provides basic facts to help you understand more about the complexities of gender identity.

(English)  (Español)



For LGBTQ Persons of Faith and Their Families

 (English)  (Español)






Our Gay Daughters and Sons:

Questions and Answers for Parents of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People.


One of our most popular publications, this is a "must read" for parents who are forming new and honest relationships with a loved one who has come out to them. This booklet answers several commonly-asked questions about having a gay child. It includes a list of related resources. (English)  (Español)




Our Trans Loved Ones (new version):

Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who Are Transgender and Gender Expansive. Our Trans Loved Ones is a brand-new, updated resource. Written by PFLAG staff members, and created with the help of content experts, reviewers, and PFLAGers with experience to share, it is full of information, first-person stories, and expert input geared to those who have a loved one who has come out as trans or gender expansive.




Welcoming Our Trans Family and Friends (original version):







Faith in Our Families

Discovering that a loved one is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender can pose new questions about your faith and may prompt you to re-evaluate beliefs that you previously took for granted. By using personal experiences, this publication provides examples for reconciling your faith with the knowledge that a loved one is gay. This publication includes an updated list of gay and lesbian religious and spiritual groups to watch out for.




Guide to Being a Trans Ally

For many allies, familiarity with lesbian, gay, and bisexual people—and the issues that they face—is increasingly common. And yet, when we discuss inclusion of our transgender friends, that level of familiarity is very different. Continuing your ally journey to become an educated, out, and publications  proud trans ally takes specific resources and support…and this is where you can start.






Many other publications are available to download from the PFLAG National website.




This brief publication provides basic information about sexual orientation.

PDF files are available in: English   Spanish   French  Japanese


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