You may be a parent, family member or friend of someone who is gay, lesbian,
bi-sexual, transgender or questioning.
You may be an LGBTQ person in the process of coming out and dealing with family, workplace, or social issues related to your sexual identity. Whatever your situation, you’ll find support/meetings, information, acceptance, and friendship at PFLAG Los Angeles.


Here on our website, we’ve gathered helpful information, such as answers to frequently asked questions about sexual orientation, our newsletter  in PDF format, links to other resources, and information about upcoming events of interest.


Organizations of all kinds—middle and high schools, college and university classrooms, businesses, employee groups, and labor unions—utilize PFLAG Los Angeles’s free Speakers Bureau to help their members and participants understand issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.


You’ll also find ways to get in touch with others who are on the same journey through our Help Lines and e-mail. Sign up to our e-mail list to receive our monthly updates.


Most important of all, you’ll find the time and location of our monthly meetings and PFLAG meetings in other locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


Please join us in person.
The support, acceptance, and encouragement you’ll find
can change your life — it changed ours.




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