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In a series of three Tweets, President Trump has indicated that transgender persons will be banned from serving in the United States military.

This action will jeopardize the status of an estimated 6,630 transgender service members in the military and dash the hopes of those
planning to enlist. Don't let him roll back gender rights. Speak Up!


posted: July 27, 2017

time sensitive, take action now!



Our transgender community is again under attack. President Trump has tweeted his intention to prohibit transgender persons from serving "in any capacity" in the military. This action will reverse the inclusive policy established in 2016 that allowed transgender persons to serve.


How can you support the transgender community? Contact the chairs and ranking members of the Senate and House Committees on Armed Services and demand that they take action to stop Trump’s ban on Transgender Military Service (contact info listed below).




For each call, give your full name and address, including zip code. You will be speaking to a staff person who will tally your call. Be polite at all times!


Either share a simple message:

“"Hello, my name is (your name). I live at (address with zip code).
I am calling Senator (Representative) (give name) to ask him to oppose
 any ban on transgender persons serving in the military and to support
the rights of transgender persons to serve."


Or share a fuller message:

"I strongly oppose any ban on transgender individuals from serving in our military. Our transgender service members serve our country with honor and distinction,
in spite of the very real discrimination they still face. Not only is the decision
to ban transgender individuals from the military blatantly discriminatory,
it goes against the research and experience in 18 other countries where transgender people have been allowed to serve openly. We call on you
and the Committee on Armed Services to do everything within your power
to protect transgender service members who at great sacrifice choose
 to serve their country. It is the least we can do for them."


John McCain,

United States Senate Committee on Armed Services Chair



Jack Reed,

United States Senate Committee on Armed Services Ranking Member



Mac Thornberry,

United States House Committee on Armed Services Chair



Adam Smith,

United States House Committee on Armed Services Ranking Member





In July of 2016, the Pentagon lifted a long-standing ban against transgender men and women serving openly. This policy placed the protection of transgender rights on par with race, religion, color and sexual orientation in the armed forces. A roll back of this policy would serve as a precedent for reversing or denying transgender rights in other areas.


The President's rationale for such a roll back hinges on two issues. The first is the contention that transgender persons serving openly in the military would disrupt unit cohesion and lessen the focus on victory. Military forces in 18 other countries allow transgender persons to serve openly. The Rand Corporation, commissioned by the Pentagon, studied four of them. None reported a negative impact on operational readiness, operation effectiveness or force cohesion.


The second charge is that transgenders serving in the military would burden the Pentagon with "tremendous medical costs." In the same study, the Rand Corporation determined that the additional medical costs for the healthcare of transgender persons would range from $2.4 million to $8.4 million in a $50 billion annual budget. Compare these figures with an article in the newspaper Military Times, which reported that the Department of Defense spent $41.6 million on prescriptions for Viagra. So far, there has been no attempt to ban men over the age of 40 from serving in the military due to "tremendous medical costs."


Strong opposition to the ban has been expressed by Senators John McCain, Orrin G. Hatch, and Richard C. Shelby. Official action on the ban will begin when the White House National Security Council issues written guidance to the Pentagon.



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