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Regardless of where you fit on the gender spectrum, you’re welcome at a PFLAG Los Angeles meeting. Our members include people who are transgender, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender creative, gender queer, gender fluid, and transsexual. Whether you are in the process of questioning, finding a comfortable expression of gender identity, transitioning, or have discovered and are living your authentic lives, you can find a home at PFLAG. Parents, family members, friends and allies of transgender and gender variant persons are also warmly welcomed.


To serve your special needs, we have started PFLAG Gender Focus, a satellite meeting of PFLAG Los Angeles. See our Meetings page for time and place. Some individuals dealing with issues of gender identity may feel like they are minorities even at a PFLAG meeting. Our new meeting is designed to help end that isolation, with leaders experienced in transgender issues and knowledgeable about resources for people with a variety of gender experiences including, but not limited to, transgender, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender creative, queer, and transsexual. Parents of gender creative children are also encouraged to attend.


We recognize that a variety of challenges face transgender individuals and their loved ones, including employment and housing discrimination, the complex process of getting appropriate identity documents, finding culturally competent healthcare providers, family and parenting issues, and, unfortunately, violence. On our Help Line and Resources page, we have gathered together a number of good resources that provide information on many of these issues. Our PFLAG Gender Focus meeting will offer a place to talk about these issues and find specific sources of help. Knowledge is power, and we hope to empower you and your family and friends.


Parents also have special challenges. While many transgender individuals wait until adulthood to disclose their gender identity to their parents, some children, even very young children, talk openly about their gender identity or give their families clues through their choice of toys, clothes, and playmates. These gender variant children may grow up to be transgender, gay or lesbian, straight, or to occupy their own unique place on the gender continuum. Guiding these children through the maze of education to a happy, healthy adulthood requires knowledge, sensitivity and a supportive community. Our PFLAG Gender Focus meeting is a great place to talk about the challenges and joys of guiding your special child to adulthood. The organizations and individuals listed on our Resources page can be a big help also.


You will find a supportive community at PFLAG Los Angeles. Check out our PFLAG Gender Focus meeting, and look at our Events page for upcoming transgender themed speakers at PFLAG Los Angeles' Westwood meeting. All PFLAG support meetings always provide a safe place to talk about your feelings or to listen and be among sympathetic people.


We look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon!



Visit our Help Line and Resources page for PFLAG Los Angeles’ help line as well as links to services for the transgender community.



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