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Senator Kennedy: Right from the very beginning of the chapter, advocacy was a major part of the PFLAG Los Angeles agenda. Late in 1979, Adele sent letters to many congressmen and senators urging the passage of laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT persons in housing and employment. The document to the right is a two page, single-spaced letter from Senator Edward Kennedy, one of the few to send a positive reply. Read the whole letter to see the passion with which Kennedy supports equal protection for all under the law, and details his work to eliminate homosexuality as a reason for denying permission to immigrate to the United States. Kennedy took time to compose this thoughtful letter during the Christmas recess (note the December 26th date), when he could have been relaxing with his family. To this day, there is no federal law protecting LGBTQ persons from discrimination in housing or employment. In 28 states there is no law protecting LGBTQ persons from housing discrimination, and in 18 states no law protecting LGBTQ persons from employment discrimination.





  Ask yourself...

Would I have had the courage to take this step?

 What can I do now to move equality forward?



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